Book Review: Something, Maybe

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Hannah, wants nothing more then to be out of the lime light, which her parents bask in on a daily basis.

Her father, is the founder of, featured in JJ: Dreamworld, where he surrounded with girls, half he’s age (much like Hugh Hefner).

Her mother, an ex girlfriend of Jackson James, hosts weekly video chats with strangers . . . in her underwear.

This, not so surprisingly makes Hannah the butt of the crude and perverted jokes, on a daily basis or being totally ignored, which in return just causes her to withdraw from her classmates more and more.

Luckily though, she doesn’t have to deal with that at work, Burger Town, where she’s with Josh. He is perfect in Hannah’s eye, totally the opposite of his parents, reads poetry, and actually seems to care about the world. Unfortunately, she and Josh are not the only ones working at Burger Town, there’s the obnoxious and loud Finn who seems to try to distance Josh and Hannah apart.

This book, just goes to show how skilled Elizabeth Scott is. Hannah is so different from Dani from Stealing Heaven, it’s really remarkable. And although, I knew who she was going to end up with by just simply reading the summary, it was still enjoyable to read about Finn and Hannah’s relationship. I was surprised how, finally (which was quite messed up, if I say so myself) Hannah’s infatuation with Josh ceased, thank goodness.

But aside from the romance aspect of the novel, what I admire about Scott’s novel is that it manages to incorporate a family predicament. Usually it explains the reasoning to how she thinks. For example, like Hannah is weary about getting close to a person because she feels like she’ll become so horny (which apparently, she believes is genetics) and do something her father would (fill in the blanks)-made me chuckle.

I’ll admit it took me awhile to get into the book, but after a few chapters I really got into it. But overall the book was pretty damn spiffy, wouldn’t expect anything less of Elizabeth Scott, eh?

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Sadako said...

Wow, awkward sounding! This sounds groovy.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like an awesome book. I might buy it.

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