Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dani, 18 is not your ordinary girl. She did not attend high school, she had no friends, she never had any prospect boyfriends and she has a different name everywhere she goes. Because Dani and her mother are thieves. She and her mother moving from one town to another in search of silver (something that would not make headlines on newspapers or prompt further police investigation).

Dani and her mother come across Heaven, an ‘out of the way place’ near a beach, filled with the houses that are just their type- luxurious and sure to have plenty of silver for them to be set with a bundle of money for months. But there’s something different about Heaven. Dani actually feels at home in the town. She begins to befriend Allie, a girl she met in the beach and starts developing feelings for Greg, a cute guy she seems to be constantly bumping into. Her attempt to having a “normal life” comes crashing down when she discovers that her mother targeted Allie’s house for the next heist and Greg is a certified cop.

If you haven’t read any of Scott’s previous work, ‘Stealing Heaven’ will definitely make you want to. Her writing was how nicely it flowed in a nice consistent pace. It was not rushed in any parts or slow in others. I was impressed how Elizabeth Scott did an amazing job at portraying the inner workings of a thief really well. Especially in one particular scene when Dani was talking to Greg in the supermarket. (read to find out ;) )

Speaking of Greg, I adored his character. From his crooked bottom teeth to his weird (but cute) hair. He was charismatic, witty, and intriguing especially, because of his slightly dark past, before he became a cop. It's no wonder Dani could not help, but keep talking to him whenever they were together. The end of the book reveals a big surprise that I haven’t seen coming. But Scott did a very nice job at wrapping the book up.

Has all the great qualities in a book romance, amazing characters, and an interesting plot!


Ali said...

May, you write awesome reviews, really concise and thoughtful. I'm so glad I found your blog via my interview with Vanessa! Looks like you'll be pretty busy but I'm definitely bloglining you so I'll know when you get a chance to add another book review.

Only trouble is, I just added 3 books to my TBR list, thanks to you. (Stealing Heaven, High Dive, and Deadly Little Secrets). I really didn't need more books to read!

Heather Zundel said...

I really wanted to read this book (I was hoping to get it from firstlook) but now that I've seen a positive endorsement, I am definitely going to have to go out and read it now. Thanks May! (I didn't know that was your name!).

YA Book Realm said...

Thanks Ali for the compliment! I'm so grateful I found YOUR blog!

I'm glad you added those three books to your TBR list (there amazing) even though you have a lottt of books in your list! lol


Heather- I didn't know this book was offered in firstlook. You definitely read it.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear what you guys thought of the book.


Carol said...

I've been wanting to read this book for a while now... your review makes me want to go to a bookstore and you know wander around, then slyly pick up a copy of Stealing Heave and read it in one of those comfy chairs they got... Oh and no I didn't make the layout for my blog. Sadly when it comes to html I have no I idea on what to do.

keri mikulski :) said...

This is on my TBR list. Thanks for the review. :)

Vanessa said...

I have this one on my shelf. Your review is making me wanna read it more :)


capricorn said...

I can't wait to read this book it sounds amazing. =]

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