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Monday, November 3, 2008


The last place fifteen-year-old Juliana wants to be is halfway around the world in Blackthorn, England, an idyllic seaside artists' colony her mother has dragged her off to while her parents weather a trial separation. Juliana misses her father terribly and doesn't understand why her mother needs to travel so far to resurrect her artistic self, which she claims to have lost in the marriage.

Soon after they arrive in the tiny village of Blackthorn, the artists' colony is set on its heels by the murder of one of its own. Juliana feels compelled to solve the crime, but she is shocked and frightened when it seems that clues in the matter are hitting a little too close to home. Can she figure out who the murderer is before anyone else--herself included--gets hurt?

I found this book during the time of it's release date (January 2006) through Amazon and I immediately went to the my local library to order a copy. It sounded like an amazing mystery book and I loved that it was set in England. After a good amount of time waiting for the library to make the order and process it, I finally got and read the book in June. As soon as I read it, I remember being engrossed with the novel. It had the whole murder mystery suspense vibe and not to mention Duncan, a very cute red head, English boy as a potential love interest. I highly recommend this book as well as . . .

DREADFUL SORRY by Kathryn Reiss (same author)

Ever since she can remember, seventeen-year-old Molly has been plagued by the same terrifying nightmare and an almost overwhelming fear of water. After almost drowning at a pool party, she flees to the safety of her father’s house for the summer. But Molly’s problems only intensify as she stumbles onto a series of strange connections linking herself to a girl who lived in that Cliffside house nearly a century before. Then the eerie coincidences start to form a dangerous pattern, and Molly finds herself haunted by visions that feel more like memories--memories of a time before she was even born! (Released 1993)

The premises of this book is quite different from Blackthorn Winter but just as great! It still had mystery and suspense component as well as a intense love story between Molly and her best friend's cousin, Jared. But this is not just any love story because their lives are connected to the lives of two long-dead young people through reincarnation. I loved how initially Molly detested Jared for pushing her into the pool but slowly began to grow feelings for him. This is easily my favorite romance/ fantasy book because of it unique plot and amazing character development.

What are some of your thoughts about the books based on the summary/ mini-review?


Kelsey said...

Sorry, I haven't.

Just Listen said...

I haven't read any of these books, but I that makes me really want to.

Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange?

YA Book Realm said...

Kelsey: The books are really good. I remember when I read them I loved it.

Just Listen: Yeah, the books are fantastic. And I would love to do link exchange. I just added your link! :D

Hillary said...

I read Dreadful Sorry a while ago. I think I liked it but I can't really remember. I didn't know the author had any other books though. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to checkout Blackthorn Winter ASAP.

YA Book Realm said...

Hillary: Thanks for the comment! :) Kathryn Reiss wrote tons of book, I just read these two. But Blackthorn Winter is the most recently released one (published 2006) And that's so cool you actually read Dreadful Sorry, I don't know a lot of people who read them.

Lenore said...

It's nice to see some "older" books highlighted, thanks!

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