Waiting on Wednesday: Eternal

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I decided to finally do a Waiting on Wednesday post since, today I have a half a day for school! I can't wait to read:

by Cynthia Leitich Smith

The synopsis of the book is not yet available from what I know, but I can't wait to read this especially after reading Tantalize, which I enjoyed a lot and highly recommend reading!

Here's what I do know from an interview she did with Melissa from Mango_firefly:

ETERNAL is told in alternating male and female points of view, with different main characters from Tantalize (but there will be cameo appearances) and will more "horrific and romantic than book one"

And isn't the cover intriguing? I wonder what the wings symbolizes.

If you want to see the great interview in it's entirety and learn more about the books, click here! I can't wait until it comes out, which is February 10, 2009 (according to Amazon).

What books are you anxiously waiting to read?


Gabbi said...

There's an excerpt for this in the back of Tantalize, have you read that? From what I gather, it's about some girl called Miranda who's a princess or something...

The cover is gorg.

Laina said...

Hey, cool blog. Want to do a link exchange?

YA Book Realm said...

Gabbi-Thanks for letting me know! The copy of Tantalize, I was reading was a hardcover. But I'll try to get my hands on the paperback, I think that'll have it. I love the cover too.

Laina- Thanks for the comment! I'll love to do link exchange, I've added you. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I want this book too Cuz May! Look my first debut on your blog albeit tis' in the comments section. And I shall help you in your quest to find paperback edition of Tantalize for the excerpt Gabbi mentioned.


BookChic said...

I just got this in the mail last Tuesday! The cover looks great in person. I've got a slightly different summary up on my blog, but it's still pretty short. I'm not sure if there's a full summary on the back of the ARC or not. I'm too lazy to go check, lol.

Molly said...

I nominated you for the I love your blog award. :D

Check it out:

jocelyn said...

Gorgeous cover. I haven't read Tantalize, though. I'd read this one just for the cover. Despite the fact that you're not supposed to judge a book by it.

YA Book Realm said...

Jocelyn: Oh yeah, I know what you mean about the cover. When I first saw it on Amazon, I was in love lol.

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