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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The first word of the week is:

(adj.) hard-working, diligent

(The construction workers erected the skyscraper during two years of assiduous labor.)
My sentence:

I hope I will be able to receive a excellent a decent grade in my AP World History assignment, since I been assiduously working on it.


The words is one of thousand words that have been used in the Old SAT (and I came across it when reading a book).

I'm going to post all the letters of the alphabet (A-Z). Once I hit letter "Z" I'm going to start back all over again with letter "A." I hope this helps enhance my and yours (of course) vocabulary. Feel free to create your on sentences, I would love to read them. =)


By the way how's school so far? I'm already up to my neck with AP World History assignments and I'm trying to desperately finish my summer assignment that's due next week, that I haven't completed over the summer, like I was suppose to. But I'm hoping once I get that done I'll have some time to read some of the books I got. Speaking of books I'm going to have a review up the upcoming Friday. Yaay


whatvanessareads said...

I have been assiduously trying to get some reading done so my blog readers could read some new reviews!

I really like this idea, like I've said.

School so far is okay. I have to read a book for English called Of Mice and Men which isn't that bad and I'm almost done with it. And my other hard class would be math but its actually going pretty swell. However, this is only the first semester (in my school we have two semesters... from Aug-Dec is one and from Jan-June is another). In the second semester I'll be taking some hard classes: English, AP Psychology, Chemistry, and Italian 2.

Are you liking AP World? When I took it last year I just loved the class (and my teacher, he made it loads of fun). Good luck with your assignment May!

YA Book Realm said...

Hey Vanessa!

Thank you soooo much for the comment on my blog!! I'm glad you like the word or the week feature.

And thanks for asking about AP World History. I like it so far but the homework is so time consuming. I barely have time doing other homework or reading. I hope that changes once school I get Guns, Germs, and Steel read this weekend.

And oh la la your taking some really good classes like AP Psych, I really want to take that class next year.

Lenore said...

Love it! But then I'm a vocab nerd...

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