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Monday, September 1, 2008

Now that school is starting, it's going to get a little tough to post new reviews and etc. Especially because during the school year I have this policy where I don't use the computer during Monday through Thursday.

Why you ask?

Well, I tend to lose track of time whenever I have my silver Dell laptop with internet connection. This is not good at all considering I should stay focus in all the classes that I enrolled in which is a
lot. I don't even have a lunch period. My guidance counselor warned me not to take all these classes. She claims that I shouldn't bite off more then I can choose. Aren't guidance counselors suppose to be encouraging??
. . .

Anyways because of my "No Computer, Unless I Need for School" policy it's going to interfere with my obsessive commenting on people blog, entering contests and posting reviews. However, this does NOT mean I'm going to stop doing reviews and the other things listed above. It's just going to be on Fridays.

So just letting you guys know (not that you guys care...)

Oh and I'm going to add this new feature where I'm going to have Word of the Week! Every Week I will post a word and it's definition. I hope it will be helpful, especially for those of us taking the lovely SATs. So yeah, be in the look out for that.


Kelsey said...

Aww. that sucks. But I probably won't be on much like you. What I plan to do is schedule my reviews during the weekend so they post during the week, so it looks like I'm active, that is if I get to read. By the look of things it looks like you won't have much time to read! I couldn't survive a school day without lunch. Hope it works out for you though!

Liviania said...

Good luck with school!

And Good Girls is worth reading. ^_~

whatvanessareads said...

I wish I had as much discipline as you about no computer. Good luck with all your classes May... I'll be in the lookout for the SAT words... I think I may steal this feature from you... hehehe.

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