Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Review Policy

Authors & Publishers

I would absolutely love to promote books by any modes. (contest, review, author interview and etc.)

Book Reviews

Please contact me by email if you would like me to review a book. I would gladly accept ARC and review the book honestly and timely fashion.

However, depending on school and the number of books needed to read (as of right only 5) I might not be able to get to it right away but I will try my best to review it before or few weeks after the release date.

After the review has been published on this blog, I will also paste a copy of the review to my LibraryThing profile, Book Divas (if possible) and TeensReadToo (if there is no review for a particular book already written by someone else and I really like it).

All links to reviews of the book will be sent to whomever, requested a review of the book.

After YOU sent the book to me: I will send you an email confirming I got the book. That way you will know it has safely arrived in my mailbox. =)

Supporting Author Book Sales

I, as a reviewer, feel obligated to support sales of a book that has been sent to me for free to review, so I will order a copy of the book at my local library, even if I gave the book a bad review and hated every single thing about it. Who knows? Maybe someone else will enjoy it. And it's only fair to the author/publisher who sent me the book.

Genres/Books Reviewed

Types of Books I Review: All types of Young Adult books or fiction that would appeal to an YA audience.

Types of Books I Do Not Review: Middle Grade books, self-published books, e-books, manuscripts, and etc.

Thank You
Email Address:

(Note: If I accept to review the book and send the mailing address in which it should be sent to, I WILL send you an email confirming I have received the book in the mail. That way there is no confusion as to if the book was lost in the mail or not)


  1. It's very nice that you offer so many choices for author promotion, especially the bit about ordering a copy of the book for your library!