Its Official. . . I Hate Chemistry

Monday, July 27, 2009

On the second to last day of June I went to school to take a very important Chemistry exam. And on that very same day after three hours of enduring the groveling exam I left.

Fast forward a few weeks (about 6 or so) I get the exam grade. And I begin to curse out my Chem teacher for holding a "party" instead of reviewing and regretting getting side tracked so many times and not going all out studying my brains out with every little detail and hating my teacher (I can't help it).

If you haven't already guessed the grade was horrible even if I passed but compared to my usual 90s on final exams, the grade might as well as been failing.

So now the few remaining of my summer weeks I will be studying my ass of for the retake of the Chem exam JUST FREAKING FANTASTIC. And I can't believe how it already 27th of July! Its insane how fast time goes. Clocks ticking and I got to stay away from the blogsphere

On to other news I should announce the winner of Suit Scarlett the same day as the Harry Potter contest which is July 31st. So enter away while I study. *sob sob*


Ashley said...

Giiiiirl, I completely agree! This summer has just literally flown by. Ughh I am not ready for school at all. o.O

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