New/Oldish Feauture Makes an Appeareance

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember Word of the Week feature I had up on the blog?


Not surprising because I only did it once.

But the whole point of it was to learn new vocabulary words that might end up being in the SATs (not looking forward to them).

But instead of having a word every week, I'm going to post words that I did not know when I came across them while reading. And either link to or actually write out the definition myself.

I think this will be more effective for both me and you because that way I’m forced to write down the words and if you plan on reading the book yourself you will know what the word means beforehand (assuming you didn’t already).

I know I just set myself for public humiliation since my vocabulary is very limited and you might laugh at some of the words I needed to look up. =)


MssJos said...

There will be no laughing! I promise! I think this is a great feature! I will keep an eye out for it!

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