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Saturday, June 27, 2009

So I was officially done with all exams on Tuesday, and ever since then my house as been chaotic.

Why you ask?

Tw0 words: Packing luggages.

Its not fun especially with my mom constantly yelling at my siblings and I, to put this and that into this pocket, not to pack enough underwear, and not to forget to pack a nice trousers and dress and other miscellanies items.

It hasn't been fun. No, no.

And on top of that I'm kinda afraid of flying. It has been raining all month (around here) and I'm pretty sure pilots do not prefer flying through storm clouds. And even if the weather did not suck I would still be afraid because throughout the year, in the news I've heard about quite a few plane accidents that have occurred.

To recall a few from the top of my head:

  • A plane on the Hudson River (people survived, but still scary stuff right there)

  • A plane crashes into a house, killing a man who was in his living room (his living room guys!!) as well as the people on the plane.

  • A plane disappears for a few weeks on its flight from Brazil to Europe (I think). Later found in the Atlantic Ocean. Killing people on the plane.

See what I'm talking about.

I'm not liking this plane crashing/disappearing/on the River business, at all. But I gotta suck it up, I have no choice because on 7:30 pm today's very evening I will be boarding a plane. And four other times as well.

I will be blogging throughout the month of July but if on August first I do not blog about how I got home safely, assume the worst.


Purdypirate said...

Don't worry about the flying. Three planes out of hundreds of thousands that fly is nothing. The news simply doesn't have the time to report all the planes that land, lol. And flying through a storm really isn't any different than flying through a cloud. It has some turbulance and stuff, unless of course it's hurricane like weather, on that subject I wouldn't know.

I fly all the time, really it's nothing, I promise.

YA Book Realm said...

Aww thank you your words really helped heeh!! So far its been okay. I found myself surprisingly calm. thanks again.

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