A Note To My Teacher

Friday, May 1, 2009

A little note to a teacher of mine who thinks her class is the only class we need to pass. We all had/have on of those.....

Dear Teacher,

I understand you want us to do well in your class and that dreaded state exam at the end of the year, I really do, whatever your intentions may be. Whether it be getting a higher pay check or winning that bet with the teacher next door to you, that your class will have a higher average then his/her's class, or something as noble as wanting to "make" something of ourselves.

But please realize you are just one of all the other teachers, that are vying for the raised salary, winning a bet, or wanting to make an honest to God difference in our lives, and get a higher grade in their subject-related state exam. A little acknowledgment of the fact that your class, is not the only class that we students have to endure but one of many others.

We have other exams, quizzes, oral presentations to worry about that do not occur in room 146. I know its hard to believe, because your basically their teaching in that room for more then half the day. But its true.

All I'm asking for is just a little acknowledgment of that. You can even keep giving us those gazillions of packets that we work on daily in class, which to be honest DOES NOT help us, but it does help killing the earth in which we dwell on, just realize your class is not the only one. For now, I'm okay with that because I plan on recycling the paper rather then take all the packets you gave us and having a bonfire like that one kid suggested, but please realize we have other classes, that are just important as this, if not even more important.

Exasperated Student

PS. I was repetive, I know, and I most probably have a shit load of grammatical mistake, which could have been avoidable if I studied for the PSATs or SATs rather then do your stupidd butt project.


On an entirely different note: OMG its MAY. Time flys by even when your certainly not having fun. =(


(: Isa :) said...

Whoa. My history teacher needs to read this too. :D

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