How I Got Out Of My Read Slump

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've been unsuccessfully trying to read a book (which will stay unnamed), for four or more weeks now on and off. Everytime, I picked up the book to read it, I can not bring myself to read more then just a few pages, without getting bored and tired of reading.

This book, which shall not be named, triggered, what every book blogger/reviewer dreads a . . . a reading slump.
Reading Slump- a long and heinous period of time, in which a person can't will themselves to pick up a book and read. Also known to cause book bloggers/reviewers to panic.

But after weeks of unsuccessful reading, I have finally discovered a remedy for this atrocious syndrome. I was even luck to finish a book, I didn't think it was possible! =O

Now you can to, with just a few points.

Here's how:

First, stop reading the book that triggered your reading slump. This is very important if a book does not hold your interest even after weeks trying to read. Just don't read it.

Then, allow yourself a day or two of not reading and do something as scandalous as watching television or computer. Who know? Maybe an episode of The Hills, while your at it. (Warning: you may get addicted, so moderate your television/computer time)

Still don't feel like reading?

No problems, time to take drastic measures.

Clear your head and make love to your books. Eww, not like that. But similar technique, think foreplay.

Take out all your books, lay them out in front of you.

Marvel at the pretty covers.

You know you want them.

Be bold. Pick a book, of your liking at the moment.

Yes, you know you want to read that book, even though the publication date isn't until September and you should be reading the book that's being released next week.

Push those evil book bloggery thoughts out of your head and read that book, enjoy that book, love that book and most importantly finish that book.

Lookie, lookie here you finished a book, you now can write a review. And that's right, read another book. And then before you know it, you will be on your way to read more and more books and who knows, maybe you can read and finally review the evil book that triggered The Reading Slump or you know give it away in a contest. Whatever floats your boat.


Emily Ruth said...

great post.

Laza said...

"Take out all your books, lay them out in front of you..." old are you? Too young to be writing book porn! :) J/k. too funny. totally been there.

YA Book Realm said...

LMAO, you are too funny.

Ohh Laza no no I don't go there, that's what the internet's for. ;) J/k

And yes, I would be far to young, and prudish to do that. lol

Yikes me go edit that, later.

Katie said...

haha! You're so funny!

Anonymous said...










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