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Monday, February 9, 2009

my BIRTHDAY, who better then the awesome YA Community right? Today I turn . . . (guess how old) and I can't believe I'm ___ years old already. Unfortunately, I won't be having a birthday party. Why you ask? Two words, economy sucks.

Some books in my Birthday Wishlist:
  • Fade by Lisa McMann
even though it's technically released tomorrow, the day after my birthday, how cool.
sounds really good, just found about this book recently
read great reviews of this one and love her writing style
been wanting to read this back in July!
love the concept and everything, want to read this one a lotI went to borders on it's release date and they didn't have it, but when I went there this weekend there was quite a few copies but I didn't have any money! Oh by the way, awesome contest at Steph's blog. Link on sidebar.

Cover is gorgeous, love it! I haven't read any books with pixies and such, so this would definitely be good one to start with it seems, because of all the raving reviews.

AND MANY MANY MORE that I can't think of right now. Any books that are in your birthday wish list, that should be added to mine. Please let me know, I'll consider it your gift to me. =)

*scheduled posting*


sharonanne said...

Happy birthday! Mine is two weeks from today. :) Have you entered my birthday contest? I'm picking two ya books of the winner choose.

Laza said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Hillary said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think you're turning......seventeen. I associate you with coolness like Edward Cullen and Seventeen Magazine, so that seems like a good choice.

BookNsucH said...

Happy B Day! I hope you get all the books on your wishlist! Even though the economy is bad at least there are still great books to read! I think you are turning 16??

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