I Hate My Laptop With Passion: Quick Updates

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Real quick update:

My stupid computer hasn't been working, so that's why I haven't been able to check emails, respond to emails, blog and record my podcast for The Read Carpet (which I was freakin excited to be part of it). And I really sorry for those who were awaiting responses back for their email, it was not intentional.

[By the way, if you were wondering about the picture, that's what I want to do to my computer right now!]

But I'm at the library now, using a computer (yes I know I just stated the obvious, saying I was using a computer, what else would I've been using??), so I will be scheduling some post throughout the week. Like a Waiting on Wednesday Post and maybe even a review of Going too Far by Jennifer Echols, on Friday. And I might even be able to comment blogs. . . that's if my cousin lets me use her laptop.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Okay gotta get to work.


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