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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My first encounter with Richie Cusick's book was in the seventh grade and the first book I read by her was The Drifter.

Here's what it's about (from Amazon):


Glanton House was Carolyn Baxter's new home, the haunted island retreat her widowed mother was determined to transform into an inn. As if in answer to her prayer, tall raven-haired Joss Whitcomb appeared at their door and offered to be the handyman in return for room and board. But Carolyn was wary. Joss was dark, compelling, dangerous.

He was still a stranger, even after he saved her mother from a near-fatal accident. And now they were alone together in the eerie house he seemed to know so well. He knew the legend of a jealous sea captain doomed to kill again and again.

But did he hear the ghostly whispers echoing through the halls at night? Did he know the unseen eyes that followed her every move? Who was Joss? Why was he here? How could she trust this devastating drifter when she feared for her life..."

So, like I mentioned before I read this in the seventh grade and I loved it. I remember reading it on a school night and that did not stop me reading until I finished at 3 in the morning. I lovedddd it, that much. And everyday that week I would be rereading (which I didn't do much then or now for that matter). But, unfortunately, it was a library book so I did have to return it eventually. However, I would find myself still check it out now and then.

And then one day my dear old library was holding a book sale and guess what I found?? A Copy of The Drifter. And you could imagine how fucking ecstatic I was. One of my prized books, actually.

So Why I Loved the book:

It was a mystery book, with potential supernatural elements (ghosts). I was one of those girls obsessed with these types of book. And not to mention romance (which I wasn't a big fan of then) but I ended up liking it a lot.

So would my seventh grade self recommend this. Heck yeah!

- - - - -

So how many of you guys ever heard or read any of
Richie Tankersley Cusick's book?

She wrote quite a few. ;)


Laina said...

I have!!! The only one I've read is Vampire, though, but a bunch are on my to-read list.

YA Book Realm said...

Ohh yaay! Your like the first person I know who ever read Richie Cusick books, so by default your awesome. Her books were really popular in the 9o's.

And guess what? I read Vampire too. =) Except I didn't like it that much as The Drifter. lol

Laina said...

Oh, yay, wicked!!!

Every so often I get on this kick where I order everything (and I mean EVERYTHING my library has that has vampire in the title. So that's how I found this one. I'll have to read this one, I still like those 90's books, lol

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