Bookshelf Review: Me Likey, Me Likey

Monday, August 24, 2009

As you guys know, I was contacted by CSN Furniture to review a bookshelf. And then last Friday, I got a lovely and pretty big package on my door steps with this baby.

My sister and I got to work and put this together in approximately and hour to an hour in half total. It took us a couple of minutes here and there trying to arrange the parts and figure what goes in the right places. But it was fairly simple to put together. Keep in mind we are two females under the age of eighteen with limited assembling experience, the most we came to assembling large equipment would be Glade Plug-Ins (then again that is so large).

If we can do it, trust me anyone can do it.

The bookshelf is currently in my room, providing shelter for my books, that have been deprived from a safe environment to look cute in. I just love the doors on the bookshelf. It keeps off the nosy guest that come and rifle through your bookcase if a poor book with a pretty/shiny/ and or catchy title catches there vulture eyes. And leave it a mess. Plus if you already have enough room for books, it can be easily substituted as a place to store clothing and other little nick-knacks.

Now that I got a bookcase, I might buy a matching computer desk to go with it.

Want/need a bookshelf or other office furniture?

Consider CSN Furniture for bookshelves of all shapes and sizes all within great and affordable price. Plus as added bonus free shipping if you live in the states.

Check out the website for awesome and reasonably priced bookcases, chairs, office tables and other great furniture. You will not be disappointed.


Juju said...

How cool. I love that it has doors.

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