Book Review: My Soul To Take

Monday, August 3, 2009

Title: The Soul Screamer Series: (Book 1) My Soul To Take
Author: Rachel Vincent
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
Pages: 384 pages

God bless Rachel Vincent’s latest YA book series The Soul Screamers for getting me out of a horrid month long reading slump. I was captivated by the very first page.

The book begins with Kaylee and her best friend sneaking into a club. There she meets and finally talks to her long time crush Nash Hudson who later consoles her when she is near hysteria because she predicted the impending death of a girl in the club. When three more beautiful teenaged girl drop dead and on two occurrences Kaylee has the urge to scream, she is convinced that she is going insane. Nash tells her otherwise, he explains to her the reason for her urge to scream is because she is a bean-sidhe like him. Kaylee is overwhelmed with new information that she is not humane but she quickly accepts it in order to save the lives of innocent teenage girls who are being attacked by premature deaths.

My Soul To Take was a great and successful beginning to Rachel Vincent’s foray into Young Adult literature. The writing was captivating and flawless, no awkward dialogues or actions. The main characters, Kaylee, Nash, Tod and Emma were all very charismatic and had this certain charm about them. Kaylee and Nash’s relationship seemed natural and developed even though they got together fairly quickly. I was happy there was no immediate confession of their “undying love” for one another but it was evident through their actions. Plus I liked the fact that Kaylee, even though she had a long term crush on Nash, doubted his intentions in the beginning when he first started showing his interest for her.

The plot was intriguing and it was interesting to learn about what exactly banshee’s were and how they functioned. Vincent creates a supernatural world that is believable and fascinating all the same. Overall the book was amazing. I want to read the sequel My Soul To Save immediately!

Rating: 4.5/5


Debbie's World of Books said...

I really want to read this. I debated yesterday between buying this or Prophecy of the Sisters. I went with Prophecy but will probably pick this up too at some point.

Rachel Vincent said...

Hey, thanks for such an awesome review!!

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Lauren said...

I read this book recently, too, and aboustly loved it. So, anyway, great review! I can't wait to read My Soul To Save.

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