Saturday, June 13, 2009

The dreaded NYS Regents (subject tests distributed everyone in NY) are near. I have to take four in the next two weeks. And my last will be on Tuesday, June 23.

So from then until now I will be studying my ass off. Hopefully, all this stress will be converted to eutress when I get back my grades.

So the blog will be in temporary hiatus, unless I procrastinate studying and type up a blog post, which is very likely. But we'll see.

For those who are still taking finals:

GOOD LUCK!!! Studystudystudy (wish I took my own advise)

And for those who are not because you are done with them:

Just know I'm sending evil vibes your way. >;]


The next blog post will most likely cover what books (non YA books) I'm planing on reading over the summer. There's some good stuff there . . . I hope.


Teashop Girl said...

Good luck!!! Before you know it, you'll be done and reading whatever you like. :)

MssJos said...

I am e-mailing you those writing exercises, feedback is appreciated! I hope they help!

MssJos said...

Oh, and Good luck on the exams! :)

Laina said...

Good luck!! I used to have to do something similar in Ontario, so I know what you're going through!

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