Top 10 Things I Hate About School . . . Currently

Monday, April 20, 2009

1) Chemistry teacher who refuses to teach.

2) GEOMETRY PROOFS!!! They are pure evil!

3) AP World History. Why? 1,200 AP World History Terms to be written in index cards!

4) Spanish speaking test, I can barely speak English properly half the time.

5) Poetry unit in English! Let's just say I don't get unless its written in white and black, I can't decipher the "gray" area (teacher's word not mine).

6) After-school activities that are in session for only 5 minutes and the rest of 25 minutes waiting around for the school bus, what a waste of time.

7) Stupid people who boast about drinking and puking their guts out over the weekend. (Since when was that considered a huge accomplishment??)

8) Redox - Yes its Chemistry.

9) Being sleep deprived.

10) Having overbearing parents (still love them though =] )


Khy said...


Laza said...

You remind me of me when I was in high school. I still feel the same way now that I'm in grad school.

1,200 terms? Really? that is crazy. I didn't take AP World I took AP Euro. I basically read the textbook twice. I used to have the Tudor lineage and history memorized. I was totally obsessed with that. Loved it.

And I do. not. get. poetry. at. all. I need it in black and white. I struggle with all that literary stuff in regular books!

katie said...

I felt the same way about my chemistry teacher last year and about my physics teacher this year. I guess there are just no good science teachers left. =[

Lenore said...

My chemistry teacher burned his eyebrows off during class. Not a fan of chemistry teachers!

Mishel said...

I still deal with #7 at community college. It's retarded.

Amy said... can say that again. And you can say being sleep deprived again too:-D This morning, I did not want to wake up. It was pure torture. I think school should be held at noon.

Hope. said...

PROOFS. PROOFS. THEY NEED TO DIE. And your chem teacher sounds like a certain bio teacher I have here. . .

Ooh, sleep deprivation. I'm veryyy sleep deprived too. Unfortunatley.

Good luck with those notecards and your Spanish speaking test!

YA Book Realm said...

Khy- Aha looks like your well acquainted with these works of evil. Stupid dead geometricians (is that even a profession?) people.

Laza- Yes, sadly I kid you not, 1,200 terms had a month to do them. But you know me, I'm a procrastinator. =(

And damn, you read the text book twice??? o_0 I didn't read half the chapters in my text book this year in AP, which is really bad, I know. Hopefully, I don't eff up on the AP test. =(

And yay another person who's not fan of peotry. Can't write it, can't understand/decipher it. lol

Katie- Oh no, you too! Wtf, is up with these science teacher really? I had like one really good science teacher last year for Bio but that's it. This year, my teacher is a complete biyatch. She doesn't even explain stuff when I ask for help. She gives me this "are you stupid" look and when she does explain she is so condescending. I wanna put hydrochloric acid on her hair or something. hehe

Lenore: You and me both. And why oh why couldn't that be my teacher who burned off their own eyebrows? Would have made my year, a little less sucky. =)

Mishel: Ha, I didn't even think that I might have to deal with this after HS. Should have seen that coming college is known to be the I'm drunk 24/7 and I'm cool shit.

Amy- Yo, I know what you mean. Afternoon, classes would be ah-mazing. I feel like that every single day. I especially hate when its winter and its sooooo comfy and warm in your bed and when you get off your bed its so cold!

Hope: Ok, yes me you Amy and Khy need to kill Proofs and the people who invented them (although I think that part is taken care of) and thought it was fun to torture us with them. Really? Will I be proving why one Segment AB is congruent to segment FG after HS. NO! Unless, I was psychotic and majored in math.

And thanks for the wishing me luck, yo necesito mucho. ;) (not entirely sure if I said that right)

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