To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: Help

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's been the growing internet sensation, Twitter. You know it's something when you hear news people on CNN ( mostly Don Lemon), tewlling you to folow them on Twitter.

But yeah I've been wanting to join except I don't know if I should. Adele from Persnickety Snark, basically scared me (sorta) here, in the comment section, about the horrors of getting a Twitter. But I have this sick curiosity of seeing what the hell its about. I mean I have a MySpace, Facebook, and .... no Twitter.

Pros of getting a Twitter:

  • Many bloggers have, can connect with them more better.
  • Many authors have, can connect with them more.
  • Sounds like fun.
  • Bored online, always can tweet about being so. You can't let ever body no any other way.
  • It's the only time when you can stalk people, and it would be socially acceptable. (Not that I have urges to stalk people in real life....I don't, requires too much work)
Cons of getting Twitter:

  • I procrastinate too much, this will not help. (But then again, I find other ways to procrastinate)
Okay looks like I'm going to twitter, just not right this second.

But I have a question. When you join:

1) Do you get email updates of every single tweet a person you are following? Because that would of be very annoying. I'm already a subscriber to all kinds of online newsletter, half of which I don't remember doing so. And not to mention I get all these spam littering my email inbox.

2) Do you get an email update whenever someone responds to a tweet of yours?


Laza said...

I don't get email updates. It's just on the webpage. There's the main page with all the tweets of the people you're following and then you can click your "@" page (which would probably be @YABookRealm for you) and see who has responded or mentioned you. There are other ways to twitter too, but I don't use them. Most of the book blogging community is there, it's good to keep up with "breaking" news. you'll like it, don't worry. add me when you join (gimmemorebooks)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Depending on your settings, most email updates will just be to let you know someone is follwoing you.
The other down side to Twitter - you have to Tweet several times a day to be effective, and I tend to forget!

L. Diane Wolfe

Renay said...

Other cons of getting a twitter: spammer accounts will follow you and it's annoying to go block them. There's no other fix that I'm aware of right now. I don't even have that many followers and I get at least two or three spam followers every day. Curse you, spammers! *shakes fist*

Elizabeth Encarnacion said...

If you set your tweets to private (so only your followers can see your updates and you get to approve follow requests), you don't get as many spammers. 'Cause then they don't find you on the main timeline and can't search your tweets for keywords that lead them to you. I haven't had one in a while.

deltay said...

Hahaha - I was in much the same dilemna mere days ago! And then I finally caved in and got a Twitter - I know, I know. (I'm on there as lucidconspiracy, btw). So far, despite my horrible procrastinating, it hasn't been too-too bad. And it depends on your settings, whether or not you get e-mail updates. :)
Resistence is futile.
Joining is inevitable.
Just like Facebook.

Jillian Cantor said...

I just joined twitter -- and I'm still not sure whether or not I like it or if I really know how to use it right :-)

Emily Ruth said...

I think its okay :\ It's nice to have, and follow people, but some people update a LOT and others not so much and you have to sift through the updates you want to read and so forth...
But really, its good if you're bored :)

Adele said...

My work is done :)

BN Book Blog said...

The simple answer is GET A TWITTER. It is a little addictive, but it's so much fun. You get to see stuff like Justine Larbastier and Maureen Johnson have Twitter wars about book covers. It's book blog heaven. As far as e-mail goes, it's up to you. You can actually get text updates too if you must have up to date info on everyone.

YA Book Realm said...

Thanks for answering my questions!!!

Joined and following you all. =)

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