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Monday, February 16, 2009

Okay I'll stop with the Eminem lyrics (I couldn't help it, been stuck in my head all day)...

So it has been torturous having no accesses to the computer/internet for sooo long! But now my computer is fixed and working beautifully.

And that means I can finally prepare to hold my first ever contest right here at YA Book Realm. Whoo-hoo! More about that later, like tomorrow. ;)

Because right now I wanted to thank some very amazing people for wishing me a Happy Birthday last Monday.


Lee Verday, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Cheryl Renne Herbsman for wishing me a happy birthday over at myspace.


Sharon, Laza, Hillary, and BookNsucH.

You guys are ah-maziiinngg.

Oh as for how old I am, BookNsuch was right, I'm 16!! :D


Laurel said...

This is Hillary (from The Book Reader) not Laurel (she's my sister)...

I'm 16 too! I was close though....

YA Book Realm said...

lol hey Hillary, yep you were close! High-five for us both being 16, speaking of which I need to enroll in a drivers ed class soon. *Going to do that now*

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