The September Sisters by Jillian Cantor

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Abigail Reed and Becky are exactly two years and a day apart, and are often referred as the September Sisters by their mother. However, despite their close proximity of age they constantly squabble with one another and compete for their parents’ attention. But after the sudden disappearance of Becky, Abby’s whole life changes. Her mom grows more and more distant and her dad become overbearing and obsessed with the investigation. Abby in officially, no longer an ignorant child anymore, as she desperately trying to keep her family together.

Abby, has no one to confide until, Tommy moves in next door and she finds her self expressing her all emotions, pain, guilt and resentment towards Becky and her disappearance to him. And along the way Abigail falls in love with him even when everything is in her world is less than perfect.

Jillian Cantor’s debut novel, was unforgettable with the perfect mixture of realism, great character development, and plot. She did a clever job at crafting the opening scene, because I was hooked from the very first page. The moment I started reading it, I seriously could not put it down until I learned more about the disappearance of Becky.

On top of the great overall plot (which initially drew me in), the main character, Abby was extremely well developed, and strong heroine, even given her tragic situation. One of the things that I thought was especially, memorable was how contrasting emotions Abby endured throughout the book. In one point of the book she was frustrated and even jealous of how much her sister got attention even after she disappeared.

Her relationship with Tommy was a perfect depiction of first love and it’s exploring nature. It was interesting to see how their relationship developed because when they first initially met they were hesitant to become friends but as they were forced to talk during lunch when it was Tommy's first day.

I absolutely loved it.
Definitely recommended, worth adding to your wish list on Amazon.


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Anonymous said...

Adding to my wishlist. =)

Kimberly Derting said...

Thanks for the great review...I will definitely be picking up this one!!!

Shalonda said...

I am excited about this one!

YA Book Realm said...

This book was fantastic! Must read when it comes out. =)

Hope. said...

This book looks amazing.. I really, really want it. (But what else is new, lol?) :D


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