The Rule of Won by Stefan Petrucha

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let me start of by saying this book is the first book I ever read in a male’s point of view in a really long time and enjoyed it. Caleb was sarcastic and humorous. I mean sure there were times when the book got boring, like any other book, but Caleb’s humor would just snap you out of it. And on the upside, there weren’t any comments on how great a girl’s boob or butt look in a particular piece of article they were donning that particular day.

So who is Caleb?

Caleb Dunne, is sixteen and like most boys these days (yes I know that is a very bad generalization but it seems like it ..most of the time), a slacker. But his meandering through life ways is soon diminished when Vicky, his annoyingly-over achieving- power hungry girlfriend threatens to end their relationship if Caleb doesn’t join a new club based on the teachings of a controversial book The Power of Won. “The secret of The Rule of Won is simple, yet its power has been suppressed for generations. The universe is one of infinite abundance—ask, and you shall receive.”

Little does Caleb, know that he joined a cult, that will continuously growing and causing chaos in Sheer Neck High. And when I say chaos, I mean people getting beat up, bloodied and in some cases hospitalized.

This book was really interesting with the whole cult factor and like That Teen, I seriously, never read anything like it. The only little problem I had was it was never explained in the book what Vicky, was doing with Caleb, since they have two very contrasting personalities. Other then that, I thought it was an awesome read. And if any of you have reluctant reader friends that hate to read I suggest recommending this book because it’s hilarious and easy on the head kind of book.

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Thanks to Stefan Petrucha for a beautiful hardcover and personalized copy of this book!


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