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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Edward Cullen, Meet Cullen Knight

When I came up with the name Cullen Knight, I had not yet read Twilight. Needless to say, when I read it last fall, I reacted to the use of the name “Cullen” with a sardonic, “You’re kidding me!” Our book had just been picked up by the publisher, and I didn’t want to change the name of our protagonist. I loved the name Cullen Knight, and I thought it was a very unique name! So it goes…

But now, it’s not so bad that everyone is already talking about a Cullen!!

So, Edward Cullen…meet Cullen Knight!

They are nothing alike. In fact, they wouldn’t even be friends. Edward would be unreachable to someone like Cullen, as he is unreachable to most people in his own school. What, after all, would a ninety-year-old vampire have in common with a twelve-year-old geek?

Edward is dreamy. He is the perfect boyfriend: strong, romantic, brave, protective, and a gentleman. What more can a girl want? So he has a thirst for blood! All relationships have their issues. Trust me: I might be pushing 40, but since Edward is still 50 years my senior, I can still squeal and swoon with the best of them!

Seriously, the actor Robert Pattinson is quite handsome and talented. I loved him as Cedric Diggory in my beloved Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (my favorite of the HP movies). The casting director could not have made a better choice for Edward.

Cullen Knight, on the other hand, is not dreamy. He’s kinda nerdy. He’s always a little dirty, probably from walking (not running at the speed of sound) through the woods. He reads whenever he can in his special redwood grove and sometimes even falls asleep in the ferns there. His family is not loving and supporting like the Cullen’s of the Twilight series. His foster parents make the Dursley’s look pleasant! They are quite cruel and, worse, neglectful. Cullen doesn’t have many friends, just two other outcasts: Maddy, a cynical Goth girl, and April, an optimistic blind girl. He’s younger and smaller than everyone else in his class, which really contributes to his constant ridicule.

However, Cullen stumbles upon some ancient magic, and it changes his life forever. He becomes possessed by a powerful wizard who has about 1300 years on Edward. This wizard, Rowan, has a wife named Fiana who has many things in common with Edward, seeing as how they’re both Vampires. Although Rowan spent the last 1400 years suspended in time, Fiana took a long, hard road through history, sacrificing much. Suddenly, Cullen finds himself in the middle of it all, and he still needs to pass English.

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