Dream Girl by Lauren Mechling

Friday, July 25, 2008

Claire Voyante has always been having strange visions for as long as she can remember. The visions were always unclear and meaningless. Until her fifteenth birthday when she is presented an onyx and ivory cameo by her grandmother Kiki. She is advised to wear the cameo at all times and pay close attention to her dreams for they will lead her to something “interesting.”

The cameo seems to have affected her dream, making them black- and -white and a whole lot clearer. Now can Claire see the danger that is lurking by? Will she be able to save someone’s life before it’s to late?

The book started a little slow for my taste, however as soon as the plot started to pick up I enjoyed it much more. Claire’s character had many funny quirks making her very likable. My favorite aspect of the book was her humourous relationship with her parents, friends and her grandmother Kiki.

It’s a great book to pick up if your looking for action, mystery, and just a touch of romance.


Liviania said...

Hello! I enjoyed this book as well - there should be a review on my site for it sometime in August.

The second book (to Sisters of Misery) should be published in Aug 09.

Molly said...

Ooh. This looks really good. Thanks C:

Kate said...

I couldn't agree more. This book is crazy good. Any idea if they're going to make a movie of it?

YA Book Realm said...

Thank you Liviania, Molly, and Kate for the comments!

Kate: I don't think there will be a movie. However I do know there will be a companion to this book called Dream Life. Lauren Mechling is currently in the process of editing it!

Little Willow said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I am reading and enjoying this book right now, as a matter of fact.

Melissa Walker said...

i still need to read this one, but love lauren mechling! i know i'll like it.

whatvanessareads said...

A lot of people are raving about this book. I think I'll read it eventually.

Would you like to do a link-exchange?

Anonymous said...

I just got this book as a gift and loved it. Lauren Mechling has created a great world, which is rare in books: so many times authors are using the page only to impress you with their acumen or their skilfulness, but in this case there is something entrancing and bewitching. I am glad she wrote this book and also glad that I read it. I hope she writes more.

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